The Boundary Shield

The two Lightyear principle podcasts below, I am , You Are and Navigate With Inner Hearing,  will support you in understanding and working with the Boundary Shield. Please listen to the principle podcasts and then download and complete the Boundary Shield worksheet. 

I Am, You Are

We live on a free-will planet, and yet we do not always honor the free will of others. This podcast highlights the importance of distinguishing your own sensations from another’s. It is imperative to your overall well-being to not take on the issues of others or project your own issues on the environment around you. This principle helps you stay clear of another’s “I am” and helps you “own” your own.

Navigate with Inner Hearing

To stay present, you must trust the heart of a conversation to reveal itself. This podcast discusses the importance of listening to the body’s innate inner hearing. The more you LISTEN to your inner hearing, the better you’ll be at existing in the present moment.

The Boundary Shield