What people are saying...


"There's a new level to this idea that Earls believes in its people. It meant something before but now Earls believes in its people in a way that says, 'They're capable of anything that they want to do.' And I don't know if I had that connection before [working with] Susanne." 

Mo Jessa

President, Earls Kitchen + Bar


"Where I think Lightyear is so masterful ... is how it's not more complicated than it needs to be. It's highly universal and it's highly approachable. Lightyear offers a way to understand the many experiences we have in our bodies, and then use that awareness to more accurately relate to ourselves, and to the world. This is why I stand so firmly behind it – how well it captures so many different things, how workable it is, and how impactful it is as a result.” 

Meaghan Descoteau

South West Training Manager, lululemon athletica

Jennie Lam.png

"Susanne's style of teaching is easy to understand and digest. She keeps things light even when they are heavy."

Jennie Lam

Design Director of Women and Girls Active, Old Navy

Daniel McCall Testimonial

"[Lightyear] has given me the ability to navigate the most important conversations in my life, in my career, and in my personal relationships." 

Daniel McCall

Director of Empowerment and Agility, Yoga One Studios