Susanne Conrad

Susanne Conrad is the founder of Lightyear Leadership; a company that creates and implements dynamic, innovative communication programs for powerful leaders and progressive companies. She has worked as a leadership and communication advisor for more than 30 years, helping people improve their interpersonal and business skills — and create happier, more intentional lives in the process.

Susanne’s early career focused on environmental analysis and communications — she served six years in governmental consulting roles in Washington D.C. and has provided strategic consulting for companies including Sun Microsystems, the Hilton Corporation, Hewlett Packard, lululemon athletica, and earls kitchen + bar.

Throughout her career, Susanne recognized that the solution to most of the world’s major issues could be resolved through better communication — communication between regulatory agencies, governments, community members, and employees. This understanding led Susanne to found her own consulting firm, The Conrad Group, an organization dedicated to helping solve big problems by improving communication.

Susanne is also a certified NIA black belt instructor and was the founder of NIA Santa Monica. (NIA is a fitness technique that combines elements of yoga, martial arts, and dance.) She is committed to tithing, and regularly leads courses and workshops to support the efforts of organizations like imagine1day and the Africa Yoga Project.

Susanne is happily married (you might even say ridiculously so) to Brett Conrad, an avid swimmer and cyclist who runs a clean-technology investment firm. She has four children: Surya, Chandra, Hunter, and C.J.; and is grandmother to Rico Rhyder and Annabelle Scout. Susanne and her husband live in Santa Monica, CA, with their dog Kalani.



I work with intuitive intelligence and vigilance to co-design great organizations. My gift of the gab expresses my devotion to Creation, and this Earth. My faith in current and future generations, empowers them to successfully lead themselves EVERYDAY to fulfill Plan A.




  • STRETCH LEGACY:  By 2050, Brett and I have directly financed $50B and 50K hours of education/speaking transitioning the globe to a NEW WORLD ORDER of happy people and a Blue Earth. 
  • By 2025, Lightyear Leadership has a thriving team of leaders generating four global visioning events annually
  • By July 2020, Lightyear has at least 10,000 active community alumni members and is the recognized leader in the self-leadership category
  • Lightyear shares over 10% of its top line revenue to provide foundational “Share-back” programming with approved partners (such as imagine one day in Ethiopia)
  • By Dec 2017, all Lightyear principles have been designed and released
  • By Dec 2017, Lightyear is running on a sophisticated technological platform co-designed by our leaders and participants.



  • By 2025, I have maintained 10 years of keeping at least three months free from business travel by empowering my electrons—the time at home is used to write, create art, and cook.
  • By Sept 2021, I have taken Brett, my mother and each of the four children on a separate one-on-one adventure of their choosing.
  • By 2020, I create a nature mural and mosaic for my backyard—I relate to all my work and life as art.
  • I spend at least one week/year with Rhyder and Scout and at least 4 consecutive days/year with each of my adult children somewhere of their choosing.
  • By 2020, Brett and I have taken at least 12 road trips in Gloria—visiting Lightyear Leaders and seeing nature.
  • On October 9th 2017, I celebrate my 25th anniversary by hosting a fabulous surfing and wildlife adventure for friends and family who have been setting long-term goals.



  • At age 65 I have broadcast thousands of Lightyear movement programs—I am more fit than ever and happy to be continually moving and listening to new music.
  • At age 60 I am happy and able to keep up with CJ on rugged field expeditions if I am invited to join him on a photo shoot.
  • At age 60 my BMI is 24% and I can squat with my heels down.
  • By 2017, I innovate a form of embodied daily practices—fitness sessions that are 42 minutes long and combine cardiovascular movement such as Nia with Gems of Excellence and daily goal-setting. These sessions can be subscribed to online as well as live.
  • I receive at least two massage/month and people often comment on my great posture.
  • I incorporate yoga daily.



PASSION:  The Power of standing for or “goaling” another human being

BEST IN THE WORLD:  Founding the Lightyear self-leadership community

HOW I MAKE MONEY:  Creating environments that uncover and cultivate the best in people



Lightyear Leadership is the standout best in class self-leadership self-management program in the world!!!  The reason for this is that it's far more FUN than anything else. 

Not only have we brought faith into the business world, we have brought fun, and we have done it in such an enormously strategic way that the companies that work with us cannot help but prosper and elevate the lives of the people within and without.

Lightyear Leadership co-creates a global community of generosity and sustainability that connects the lives of all it touches.  Through a sophisticated technological platform, the techniques and practices of open communication, goal setting and vision are shared with both CEOs and the masses. 

Our work enhances the success and profitability of progressive organizations worldwide BY giving individual people the tools and experiences to uncover their best. Multitudes lead selves from economic and spiritual slavery to liberty. Progressive corporations seek out Lightyear Leaders as they are consistently happy accountable and resourceful. 

A Lightyear Leader takes on living, creating vision, setting goals and integrating daily to choose their unique contribution. 

igolu becomes a concept within the Lightyear curriculum and eventually a verb in English and Spanish meaning: “I support you in your goals.