Receive. Integrate. Shareback.


Shareback: the giving of one’s integrated experience, talent, resources, or gifts to others as they need it. An act of generosity and unconditional love without expectation of external reward.



The shareback is the engine of Lightyear’s self-leadership methodology.



At Lightyear we believe in sharing back leadership in ways that make a difference. Our programs are designed to support participants in living generously. By generating in the cycle of giving and receiving, we create new possibilities and consolidate wisdom within our communities.  

Sharebacks that have already made a difference include producing a charity benefit, providing deep listening for a loved one, leading a workshop for underserved youth, cleaning out a friend’s closet, and providing a 3-day training for 350 Ethiopian government leaders.

A shareback can be a moment of kindness between two people and also an epic global adventure.



Your legacy is a culmination of every moment in your life—the impact and environment you create for yourself and others. Each moment you have an opportunity to shareback your leadership.

 Photo credit: @danielxduane

Photo credit: @danielxduane

Shareback Spotlight

Christine Waljeski and her husband Julien Dubois combined their mutual love of hiking, food, neuroscience and Lightyear Concepts and Principles into a Shareback project called Wild OM-lette. Together they created an experience for participants where Christine shared foundational concepts from Lightyear Leadership while Julien demonstrated some of the neuroscience basics behind these concepts all using the natural world as their background. In true Lightyear style the experience ended with thoughtful conversation and a shared meal cooked fresh on the trail! The proceeds of this experience supported the couple’s fundraising for the March 2017 Ethiopia Leadership trip where they contributed to the training in Mekelle, Ethiopia.

Global Shareback

At Lightyear we partner with awesome organizations to develop leaders on the ground so they can make a direct impact in their own countries. We also collaborate with leaders that have experienced the Lightyear Immersion to fundraise and bring our transformational programs to people around the globe, regardless of their economic circumstances.

Check out this video to experience the essence of the Lightyear Shareback.


Ethiopia is a country that is near and dear to our hearts at Lightyear. In collaboration with imagine1day, we've trained, developed and certified over 20 Ethiopians who then deliver our foundational programs to teachers, government ministers, advisory council members, and students across the country. Click HERE to view photos and read details about our most recent Global Shareback in Ethiopia.


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Shareback Spotlight

On one of her recent sharebacks, Susanne led a sweaty event for the staff of TurF, a community hub in Vancouver. The meeting combined music, movement, Lightyear principles and laughter. “Well now THAT was a staff meeting!” they said.