It starts with you. Everyone is a leader in their own life.


In order to be a strong and powerful leader you must uncover and discover your unique strengths and declare what you came to this planet to do. Lightyear is a self-leadership methodology. Self-leadership is understanding who you are and creating a vision for your future.

At Lightyear Leadership, we create experiences and environments that teach you to really understand yourself. We’re an incubator for discovery. Working with Lightyear gives you practical techniques for living intentionally, achieving your goals, and realizing your vision.



Lightyear Live! Fall Gathering

Sep 19-21, 2018

Lightyear for Work

Individual development that elevates the entire company.

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“[Lightyear] has served my life by teaching me how to operate as a whole person—not just from the neck up. My body sensations and intuition are the best tools I have as a leader, wife and friend.”
— - Susan Gelinas, Vice President Health, Wealth and Mobility, lululemon athletica

Personal Legacy

Listening as a leader

Through four 90-minute video calls, this program gets you diving deep into your own listening and the legacy you are out to create, examining your past to ensure you can go forward creating from choice. You will design and articulate a set of authentic visions and goals for your life and will embody meaningful and powerful tools to support you in achieving them.

Integrated Leadership

Speaking as a leader

Through four 90-minute video calls, this program provides you with a reliable structure for managing projects and conversations in all areas of your life. You will embark on a project that supports your vision and goals putting into practice and directly applying everything you are learning—in real time.


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