Lightyear Immersion | Fall 2017

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Lightyear Immersion | Fall 2017


October 23, 2017 to March 19, 2018

Mondays. 7:30-9:00am PT

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The Lightyear Immersion is a 4-month, interactive video-conference, online, and in-person program. It provides tools, structures, and community to participants who are ready to restore a vision for their lives. A robust and vibrant vision is a living thing. The Lightyear Immersion focuses on getting back and putting back the essentials that keep your vision unfolding and flourishing: Love, Forgiveness, and Choice.

Everyone is a leader in their own life. Whether you’re leading a team, leading a family, or leading yourself, the Lightyear Immersion is designed to strategically increase the choice, joy, and wholeness in your life.


$3000 USD before August 30th

$3250 USD before October 2nd

$3500 USD before October 23rd