Personal Legacy Series

Your legacy is a culmination of every moment in your life—the impact and environment you create for yourself and others.

You have the choice to design, navigate and manage your life based on a chosen future.

Accelerate your future! Take the leap and create your own unique legacy!


There are not currently any Personal Legacy series scheduled.

Please check back for upcoming offerings!


Through four 90-minute video calls, this program gets you diving deep into your own listening and the legacy you are out to create, examining your past to ensure you can go forward creating from choice. You will design and articulate a set of authentic visions and goals for your life and will embody meaningful and powerful tools to support you in achieving them.



Prior to each of the four sessions you will begin by watching a short video.  You will then join a 90-minute video call alongside a community of like-minded goal-oriented individuals, learning directly from Lightyear founder, Susanne Conrad, as well as from each other. Once the live session is complete there will be approximately two hours of homework to complete before the next session.



This program is for someone who is ready to take responsibility for their own life and happiness—they realize that this is their job.

  • Someone who is ready to build on the foundation of their current vision and goals and take the upgrade.
  • Someone who is looking for tools and strategies for navigating a full, powerful, and highly intentional life.
  • Someone who is ready to get the job done with fun, choice, and joy.


The tuition investment for the series is $500 USD

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