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For the first time ever, we are bringing Lightyear foundational leadership programs to Mozambique.

And the best part? We want you to be there with us.


In August 2018, Lightyear Leadership is joining forces with Legado to bring 14 leaders to Mount Namuli in northern Mozambique.

Legado is a charity that works to protect the world's most threatened mountain ecosystems by empowering the people who call them home. Their flagship project is on Mount Namuli—the second highest mountain in Mozambique.

Mount Namuli is the ancestral home to the Lomwe people, and holds significant cultural, social and economic influence in the lives of millions. It is also the site of some of the richest and most underprotected biodiversity in Africa. However, today, poverty, climate change and growing populations have pushed communities to seek resources and arable land further and further up the mountainside.

Legado engages world-renowned scientists, local community activists and conservation leaders to secure a vibrant future for the mountain and the people who depend on it.



It is this vibrant future that we will be a part of building.

Join us in this extraordinary adventure as we fundraise $124,600 to share Lightyear foundational programs with the Namuli community in Mozambique.



Through three days of leadership training with the communities around Mount Namuli, we will elevate the impact of conservation, integrate choice, and develop greater possibility for current and future generations that depend on the mountain and call it home.

Beyond the Lightyear program, our 10-day journey will include hiking, sharing with local communities on Mount Namuli itself, exploration of Mozambique, and more.


Please note there are prerequisites required to join this Global Shareback. Learn more by reading the "Journey Details" below. 



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