You are ready for a change. You are ready to leap.

Uncover what you came here to do. Lightyear is the space, the environment, and the community, for you to discover it.

Liberate the unknown leader within.

Be immersed in your own life. The Lightyear Immersion is structured to support you.

This is not marketing. This is truth. Take it and run with it.
— Susanne Conrad


Lightyear Immersion | Fall 2017

October 23, 2017 to March 19, 2018

Mondays. 7:30-9:00am PT

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The Lightyear Immersion is a 4-month, interactive video-conference, online, and in-person program. It provides tools, structures, and community to participants who are ready to restore a vision for their lives. A robust and vibrant vision is a living thing. The Lightyear Immersion focuses on getting back and putting back the essentials that keep your vision unfolding and flourishing: Love, Forgiveness, and Choice.

Everyone is a leader in their own life. Whether you’re leading a team, leading a family, or leading yourself, the Lightyear Immersion is designed to strategically increase the choice, joy, and wholeness in your life.

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The Immersion is organized in four distinct modules. Your journey begins by receiving the Personal Legacy and Integrated Leadership programs. This first 8 weeks involves short videos, live sessions with Susanne, and homework. Next, you will integrate your experience by joining your cohort for an in-person intensive. To complete the program, design your own unique contribution through a shareback project to share what you learned with others.



Think that is too hard? Stop thinking. If you can’t stop thinking, immerse yourself. Get over it. Get through it. Get out of line.
— Susanne Conrad

Leap into the Immersion when want to make a change, and you don’t see what that change is. When you sense that you have something to share and are looking for a community to help uncover it. When you have a goal that you are unsure how to complete, the Lightyear Immersion is for you.



Invest in yourself. You came here with a purpose. Stop working hard and get there. It’s time to be YOU! And when you are YOU, and you are living YOUR life, you exist in a cycle of giving and receiving that creates possibility.

The financial investment for the Lightyear Immersion*:

Sign up before August 30th for a total of $3000 USD

Sign up before October 2nd for a total of $3250 USD

Sign up before October 23rd for a total of $3500 USD


* Tuition includes room and board for the in-person intensive and does not include travel expenses.

Think of Lightyear Leadership as a transportation company. Our job is to get people where they are already supposed to be.
— Susanne Conrad

Upcoming Immersions

Fall 2017 Immersion


October 23, 2017 through March 19 2018

Mondays, 7:30-9:00am PT


The in-person Intensive is January 14-19, 2018 in Whistler, BC, Canada.

For additional details please download this information packet:

Lightyear Immersion | Fall 2017
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