Individual development that elevates the entire company.

Lightyear Leadership is a dynamic, tight-knit community of leaders who stand for—and learn from—one another. In addition to the work we do developing individuals, we also work with organizations. Lightyear develops individual team members in order to elevate the company as a whole.

Employees engaged in actively creating their own vision and goals have the tools to champion their organization’s goals. Our work teaches the power of personal responsibility and acts of forgiveness in the workplace. This shift resolves “authority issues,” and refocuses the conversation around the work.

Lightyear Leadership provides participants with a shared platform from which to operate, and gives them a common language for creating and collaborating. Our client list includes lululemon athletica, Earls Kitchen + Bar, and imagine1day.

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"There's a new level to this idea that Earls believes in its people. It meant something before but now Earls believes in its people in a way that says, 'They're capable of anything that they want to do.' And I don't know if I had that connection before [working with] Susanne."

- Mo Jessa, President, Earls Kitchen + Bar