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Shareback Your Leadership! 

Join us as we return to Ethiopia and bring Lightyear foundational leadership programs to prominent women and educational leaders!


UPDATE: This trip is now full. Please check out our upcoming Global Shareback to Mozambique if you would like to shareback your leadership with Lightyear!

From February 26 to March 9, 2018, Lightyear is yet again joining forces with imagine1day to bring 10 leaders to Ethiopia. imagine1day has now partnered with WE Charity to expand their reach. Read more about their partnership HERE

Be a Lightyear ambassador in Ethiopia. Participate in a Women’s Leadership Day, a three-day Lightyear foundational training, and visit local schools where Lightyear concepts and principles have been implemented. The money you fundraise will contribute to building a new school for an Ethiopian community later in 2018.


As a Lightyear Ambassador, you will contribute your knowledge and embodiment of the Lightyear work to the Ethiopian training participants. Day one of the training is for prominent women leaders in Ethiopia. The next three days of leadership training will support the fulfillment of imagine1day’s goal that all children of Ethiopia have access to quality education free of foreign aid by 2030.

Beyond the Lightyear program, our 10-day journey will include hiking, camping in local communities, exploration of Ethiopia, and more.


Join us in this extraordinary adventure as we fundraise $89,000 to build a school for a community in need.


The money you fundraise will support building an elementary school for Ethiopian children and their community with the money you raise. Your support will mean building modern classrooms, a library, playground and proper latrines—allowing every child to reach their potential. imagine1day was the only education charity named in the Top Ten Innovative Charities by the Ethiopian government. Their winning formula for supporting communities involves a three-year strategic plan for each community and requires the community to raise part of the funds to build the school. This partnership ensures that they have buy in and that the communities have buy in and are fully sustainable without any foreign aid after three years!


Please note there are prerequisites required to join this Global Shareback. Learn more by reading the "Journey Details" below. 


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