Integrated Leadership Series

Become a whole-brained leader!

Whole brained leadership is—connecting the big picture with the detail, connecting the future with what to do now, connecting what you see with what you say. This series supports you in integrating both the creative and analytic aspects of your brain. 

Take the leap.

Expand your leadership!


There are currently no Integrated Leadership series scheduled. 

Please check back for upcoming offerings!


Through four 90-minute video calls, this program provides you with a reliable structure for managing projects and conversations in all areas of your life. You will embark on a project that supports your vision and goals putting into practice and directly applying everything you are learning—in real time.

Projects that have been created from this program include, family vacations, starting a business, buying a house, finding a life-partner. We are always fulfilling upon projects in our lives and this program brings more ease, fun, efficiency and creativity to the process



Prior to each of the four sessions you will begin by watching a short video.  You will then join a 90-minute video call alongside a community of like-minded goal-oriented individuals, learning directly from Lightyear founder, Susanne Conrad, as well as from each other. Once the live session is complete there will be approximately two hours of homework to complete before the next session.

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This program is for someone who is ready to take responsibility for their own life and happiness— they realize that this is their job.

  • Someone who is looking for tools to accomplish and fulfill on goals they have set for themselves.
  • Someone who want to integrate or welcome their intuitive mind to business and personal projects.
  • Someone who is ready to get the job done with fun, choice, and joy.


The tuition investment for the workshop is $500 USD