Program Elements

The Immersion is organized in four distinct modules/offerings. Your journey begins by receiving the Personal Legacy and Integrated Leadership programs. This first 8 weeks involves short videos, live sessions with Susanne, and homework. Next, you will integrate your experience by joining your cohort for an in-person intensive. To complete the program, design your own unique contribution through a shareback project to share what you learned with others.

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Community Welcome and Introduction Call

Come together to meet Susanne and each other and get excited about what you are about to experience as a cohort.

Personal Legacy Series

Through four 90-minute video calls, this program gets you diving deep into your own listening and the legacy you are out to create, examining your past to ensure you can go forward creating from choice. You will design and articulate a set of authentic visions and goals for your life and will embody meaningful and powerful tools to support you in achieving them.


Integrated Leadership Series

Through four 90-minute video calls, this program provides you with a reliable structure for managing projects and conversations in all areas of your life. You will embark on a project that supports your vision and goals or your upcoming shareback project putting into practice and directly applying everything you are learning—in real time.

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Community Call

Come together with your cohort and Susanne to debrief what you've been experiencing in the program so far and get set up to maximize your time at the upcoming intensive.

Personal Power & Wholeness Intensive

Spend multiple days in a beautiful location experiencing a unique and holistic blending of two core Lightyear programs: Personal Power & Wholeness and the Gems of Excellence. Deepen your relationships to each other and to what you are creating through the immersion program. The Personal Power & Wholeness principles partnered with Gems will set you up to make more powerful and holistic choices in your life. Uncover your innate capacity to lead yourself and others as you learn to connect your body, your mind, your spirit and your authentic goals.


Community Call

Come together with your cohort and Susanne to discuss your "re-entry" into the world post-intensive and to kick-off your shareback projects.

Community Shareback Support Calls

Experience being fully supported by Lightyear staff as you embark on your shareback projects. Each week, for four weeks, your cohort will meet to discuss their progress in planning and fulfilling their projects.

Completion Call

Team up one final time with Susanne to share the learnings from your shareback project and experience.

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Upcoming Immersions

Fall 2017 Immersion - IN SESSION


Learn more about the Immersion by checking out the details from the Fall program below. 



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