Get HERE Now! Resources

A series of Wealth, Prosperity, and Dynamic Alignment Workshops

Thank You...

...for attending the Lightyear Leadership Get HERE Now workshop. Your participation and tuition will support three days of leadership training with the communities around Mount Namuli in Mozambique, we will elevate the impact of conservation, integrate choice, and develop greater possibility for current and future generations that depend on the mountain and call it home.



Please consider joining us in this extraordinary adventure as we fundraise $126,400 to share Lightyear foundational programs with the Namuli community in Mozambique.


Below are additional resources to support you in continuing to define and discover wealth, worth, prosperity, and alignment in your life!


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Get HERE Now Worksheet

Here are some questions that have worked for others. Feel free to share shamelessly!

What voice am I listening to?

Is my time well spent?

Am I taking care of myself?

Who have I impacted today?

Are they me?

How can I be of service?

How can I make it better?

What am I focusing on that will give me the fullest expression of myself?

Are my actions in line with my commitments?

Where can I invest my energy today?

Am I in integrity to my word?

Does the choice or action bring glory to god?

Is this the best way to invest my time?

Are my resources supporting my vision and goals?

What do I need to do NOW?

Do I have my dynamic balance right now?

How can I receive my ample provisioning?

Is this belief correct for me?

What do I require to stay committed to my best self?

Where can I ask for help and support and lean into it?

What can I let go of to allow in something BIGGER?

Where is my faith in this choice?

What do I require to care for my wealth today?

Wealth Follows Worth Video

Talk by Susanne at Wanderlust Whistler Speakeasy

Lightyear Principle Podcasts


Balance is Dynamic

Wealth Follows Worth



Braiding Sweetgrass

by Robin Wall Kimmerer


Natural Capitalism

by Paul Hawken


The Game of Life and How to Play It

by Florence Shovel Shinn



You and I

by Ingrid Michaelson


Awake My Soul 

by Mumford & Sons

"Where you invest your love, you invest your life."


Hole In My Pocket

by Ruthie Foster

Please reach out with any questions