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A series of Wealth, Prosperity, and Dynamic Alignment Workshops

Join Susanne Conrad, founder of Lightyear Leadership, for one of the transformational and dynamic Wealth, Prosperity, and Alignment workshops.

All proceeds from these events will support Lightyear work in Mozambique!



April 13, 2018

What you can expect:

  • Tools to define worth and wealth in your own life and how to identify what is most important to you. 
  • To walk away with daily prosperity practices that you can put into action.  
  • To bring dynamic balance to every aspect of your life.
  • To meet engaged, energized, like-minded people AND HAVE FUN!

These workshops are for you if...

  • You would benefit from simple tools to help you identify what is most important to you and how to live into it. 
  • You think you don’t have time, and you come anyway!
  • You live a big full life and are looking to increase your dynamic balance. 

Make A Difference:

All proceeds from this event will go towards providing leadership training to protect some of the world’s most threatened mountain ecosystems in Northern Mozambique, and to empower the people who call them home. Learn more at

Upcoming Workshops:


Get HERE Now!

TurF | Vancouver, BC

April 13, 2018

6:30-9:30 pm PT



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