Gems of Excellence II


The Gems of Excellence Programs assist you in becoming who you really are, your Authentic Self, and in finding your true way.

Often we are so busy living our lives that we do not stop to see if the life we are living is by our own design, or just what became of us. Choice, the most misunderstood of words, means for you to consciously choose something. Is the life you are living now, in all aspects, what you are consciously choosing for yourself? If not, the Gems of Excellence Program is for you.
— Dorothy Wood Espiau


Gems of Excellence I


In this two-and-a-half day experiential course, you will dive deeper into the concepts and principles of Geotran and the Gems of Excellence. You will also learn to lead integrations for yourself and others. An integration means to make something possible that wasn't possible before.  



You will learn from Gems of Excellence Instructor, Susanne Conrad, who will share content from the front of the room. The course will include you interacting with the entire group, small groups, and partners to ensure you have a variety of ways to learn and digest the work. There will also be numerous attendees who are training to become Instructors who will assist you when you have questions and provide one-on-one support. 



The Gems of Excellence program is for you if:

  • you have a sense that there is something blocking you in moving forward to your desired future.
  • you are looking to accelerate recovery from setbacks.
  • you would benefit from simple tools to support you in remaining grounded and present.




The tuition investment for the workshop is $450 USD*

PACKAGE DEAL: Sign up for both Gems of Excellence I & II for the reduced rate of $750 USD*


If you have taken the Gems of Excellence II before you can review the course for only $100 USD.

* All proceeds from the Gems of Excellence courses will be donated to imagine1day and a local charity in Houston. 

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