Create Your Unique Legacy

Thank you for attending the Lightyear Leadership Create Your Unique Legacy program. Below are additional resources to support you in continuing to craft your legacy, vision, and goals. 


Lightyear Principle Podcasts


The Line of Choice

We are always and only listening to ourselves. This podcast creates a clear distinction between reactive and choice-based listening. When you are in authentic choice, you are connected to your best self and are living from responsibility and choice. Finding your own unique shifts will help you get back above the line of choice quickly when you have accidentally fallen below.


Remembering The Future

This podcast speaks to the power of leading from a future that is unconstrained by the past. Using practical yet inspiring examples to demonstrate this concept, the podcast emphasizes the importance of working backwards from the future while clearing the past, so a future can be created.

Concepts & Supplemental Worksheets


The Power of Knowing What You Want


Vision & Goals Template


Tips for Writing Powerful Goals

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