At Lightyear Leadership we believe...


Everyone is a leader in their own life.

Choosing fun, joy, and rambunctiousness is a strategy.

Relating to a person’s future instead of their past courageously creates possibility.

Restoring choice is loving unconditionally.

The work is the reward, and everyone takes out the garbage.

Generosity transforms us and the world.

Your legacy is a culmination of every moment in your life—the impact and environment you create for yourself and others. Each moment you have an opportunity to shareback your leadership.

Lightyear is a self-leadership methodology.


Self-leadership is understanding who you are and creating a vision for your future. At Lightyear Leadership, we help you develop practical techniques for living intentionally so you can achieve your goals and realize your vision. Lightyear creates experiences and environments where people can do this transformative work.

We began in 1992 as The Conrad Group, and designed the igolu leadership program in 2010. In 2016, after re-imagining the goals and vision of the work, we were reborn as Lightyear Leadership. We’re excited to take off with you.


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Global Shareback Spotlight

In March of 2016, Lightyear Leadership (then igolu) created a vision.
With imagine1day, we partnered to create a vision of 300 community leaders within Ethiopian coming together as participants to experience the foundational Lightyear Leadership programs. We envisioned a team of North American Lightyear Leaders raising the funds to pay for these 300 participants to travel to three locations spanning Ethiopia and partake in a three and a half day training.

The Lightyear Team

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Susanne Conrad


Susanne is the founder of Lightyear Leadership, and has worked as a leadership and communication advisor for more than 30 years.

Susanne hails from a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest and loves orcas, sea otters and salmon. Her connection with nature and faith in humanity is contagious—watch out jaded misanthropes! Susanne is a storyteller here to restore your peculiarity and find the frequency that liberates the You that you came to be.

When not leading progressive programs for companies, dancing, or sending her positively charged electrons through web conferences, Susanne can be found in her Sprinter Van “Gloria” in National Parks, cooking some vegetarian dish for her awesome husband Brett and talking with one of her inspiring, adventurous adult kids.

Susanne lives the Lightyear Leadership initiative to receive, integrate, and shareback. She has organized trips to Ethiopia in collaboration with imagine1day, and to Mozambique, to train, develop and certify leaders who deliver Lightyear’s foundational programs to teachers, government ministers, advisory council members, and students across the country. She also loves to lead sweaty events integrating music, movement, Lightyear principles, and laughter.

Matt Hoglund

Director // Connection & Experiences

Matt thinks in music. It is likely that something you say will cue up a song in his brain. He uses his classical vocal training to support harmony, structure, and beauty in his life and work. Matt brings his natural zestiness to his role at Lightyear infusing fun and a deep level of service to everything he does.

In the first program Matt took with Susanne in 2010, he set an intention to be 100% himself wherever he went. The journey set into motion in that intention has been both subtle and dynamic, leading him to fulfill some of the dreams he set for himself as a child. Matt began leading Lightyear (then igolu) programs in 2011. In March 2017 he raised $10,000, through the Lightyear global shareback program, by producing his first solo one man show—a goal 15 years in the making.


Sophie Allen

Community & Operations Maven

Sophie is a people person through and through. She finds joy and true value in the closeness of relationships formed through joint creation and collaboration with a common goal. You can count on Sophie to be in the NOW with you. She sees a community bonded over diversity, inspired through connection and sharing, and is motivated by dynamic group energy and upliftment. A native of Boulder Colorado, she made her way to Los Angeles as a collegiate swimmer. Sophie is in her happy place when fully submerged in the quiet of the water, jet setting across the globe, or upside down on her yoga mat. She is grounded and carries a spirit of ease and joy with her wherever she goes.

Sophie was first introduced to Lightyear in 2015 while pursuing a career in creative marketing and advertising. Unsure at her core if she was following her correct path and sensing that big transformation was on the horizon, she completed her first Lightyear program. Then, she said a BIG yes to raising $10,000 and traveling with Lightyear in March 2017 on the Global Shareback trip to Ethiopia. Upon return, having gained a vastly new perspective, it became clear that the trip was the catalyst for swift change and big momentum that she was looking for.  Fast forward a few months, and the Lightyear core team became a family of three.