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At Lightyear Leadership, we develop happy and fulfilled humans, empowering individuals, communities and companies to rapidly and radically transform themselves and the world.  

Lightyear is a self-leadership methodology. Through online, mobile and in-person experiences, we create environments where people can uncover the best in themselves.

People come to Lightyear seeking tools and guidance, and find something bigger: a community that stands for them, their vision and goals and their personal legacy. Lightyear embraces the inherent power of authentic choice and fun, making it possible to approach often-heavy work with lightness and joy.

As a social venture, our model is built around sharing. We believe the process of self-discovery should be available to anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere. By offering our programming online and running subsidized programs around the world, we ensure that our work empowers leaders across the globe, regardless of geographic or financial circumstances.

Our participants amplify our collective impact by integrating Lightyear’s principles in a way that changes not only their own lives, but the lives of people in their families, their communities and at the organizations with which they work.