2017 Lightyear Licensee Agreement

2017 License Benefits + Requirements

  • A license to lead the Lightyear Leadership work as per the guidelines outlined in the licensing agreement
  • Exclusive access to leader-specific development tools such as training casts, updated leader manuals, and sample workshop flows
  • A forum for sharing ideas and connecting with other licensees
  • Participate in quarterly licensee calls that will be recorded and required listening
  • Required quarterly group connection calls for those working in businesses or organizations with more than ten members


Licensing is a two-part process, please ensure you complete both steps.

1. Sign the electronic agreement by filling in the required fields below


2. Please email Matt Hoglund matt@lightyearleadership.com to receive a prorated invoice to complete your licensee fee

2017 Lightyear Licensee Agreement

This Agreement ("Agreement") is entered on ("Effective Date") * *
This Agreement ("Agreement") is entered on ("Effective Date") *
between [enter your name], (“Licensee”) and Conrad Group, Inc. (“Licensor”). This agreement terminates and replaces any previous agreements between the Licensor and Licensee. *
between [enter your name], (“Licensee”) and Conrad Group, Inc. (“Licensor”). This agreement terminates and replaces any previous agreements between the Licensor and Licensee.

1. Definitions.

"Licensee” is the title given to a person who maintains an active “License” from The Conrad Group, Inc., which grants the limited rights outlined in this agreement.

“License” is the limited rights granted to the Licensee to use “Licensed Materials” and to deliver “Specified Lightyear Leadership Programs” per the level of training and certification that Licensee has completed, and to use the Lightyear logo, as specifically set forth in this agreement. The License is non-transferable and non-exclusive.

“Licensor” is the Conrad Group, Inc.

“Licensed Materials” are the principles, concepts, teachings, videos, worksheets, manuals, tools, methods, modalities, programs, instructional plans and all other materials used at any point in time in connection with Licensor’s business to deliver “Specified Lightyear Leadership Programs,” which are provided to Licensee via the Lightyear Online Platform or via other means of direct communication from Licensor.

“Specified Lightyear Leadership Programs” are the content of Level One: Personal Legacy and Level Two: Integrated Leadership. As the nomenclature and structure of this content may change from time to time, Licensor will identify and communicate such changes to Licensee to ensure Licensee understands which Lightyear content this License shall apply to.

2. Grant of Rights from Licensor to Licensee.

Licensee shall have the following rights:

  • Right to identify self as a Lightyear Licensee;
  • Right to use the Lightyear logos, as identified in Exhibit A;
  • Right to deliver Specified Lightyear Leadership Programs, in whole or in part, per the Licensee’s level of training and certification, for commercial purposes or otherwise, to individuals or groups of individuals, except that if such programs are being delivered for the benefit of a business, company or organization that includes more than ten members, Licensee must notify Licensor in writing prior to committing to the engagement; and
  • Right to integrate other modalities when delivering Specified Lightyear Leadership Programs, provided participants are notified.

In regards to Licensed Materials, Licensee shall have the following rights:

  • When used in connection with the delivery of Specified Lightyear Leadership Programs permitted under this agreement, Licensee shall have the right to use, share, copy and redistribute the Licensed Materials, either as verbatim copies of the work or, in the case of print materials, by incorporating minor adjustments to integrate the Licensed Materials into Licensee’s branding, notwithstanding that this provision does not grant Licensee the right to transform, adapt or remix the Licensed Materials in order to create new formats or mediums of delivery, derivative offerings, and/or a substantially new product. Such circumstances would require a separate and distinct agreement and royalty arrangement with Licensor. This restriction includes, but is not limited to new mediums such as television, video, radio, podcasts, books, and online learning programs and platforms.

3. Responsibilities of Licensee.

Licensee shall honor and execute the following:

  • Attribution: When leading Lightyear Leadership programs and when using and sharing Licensed Materials, Licensee agrees to provide attribution to Licensor in the manner described in Appendix A.
  • True Representation: Licensee agrees to accurately represent his or her level of training and certification and is strictly prohibited from training others to lead Lightyear Leadership programs and from sharing and redistributing Lightyear’s training manuals and instructional plans to others.
  • No Endorsement: Licensee may not claim or represent any form of endorsement by Licensor, Lightyear or Susanne Conrad when selling and leading programs or when using Licensed Materials.
  • Fees: Licensee agrees to remain current with annual licensing fees.
  • Data Collection: Licensee shall collect and provide Licensor with specific data pertaining to the participants of their programs. Licensor will provide Licensee with a form for collecting and submitting this data quarterly.
  • Notices/Communications: Licensee shall provide Licensor with an active and valid email address or other contact information and shall make his or herself available for notices and communication from Licensor.
  • Quarterly Meetings: If Licensee is delivering Specified Lightyear Leadership programs for the benefit of a business, company or organization that includes more than ten members, Licensee agrees to participate in a quarterly phone meeting to be scheduled by Lightyear to discuss the nature and progress of these engagements.
  • 4. Licensee acknowledges and agrees to the following ownership terms:

    Licensor is the sole creator and exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights and Licensed Materials, and as such controls all worldwide rights thereto;

    Licensor desires to license to Licensee and Licensee desires to license from Licensor, rights in and to the Licensed Materials per the level of certification that Licensee has completed, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement;

    Licensee agrees that he/she shall not in any manner contest the ownership or validity of the Licensor relative to any intellectual property including methodologies, trademarks and copyrights subsisting in the Licensed Materials;

    Licensor acknowledges and agrees that any product and/or services created by Licensee shall constitute the original work of authorship of Licensee and Licensee shall have the exclusive right and title to such work and to any copyright that shall subsist therein, exclusive of the Licensed Materials; and

    Licensee shall not sublicense the Licensed Materials.

    5. Indemnification by Licensee and Product Liability Insurance.

    Licensee hereby indemnifies and holds Licensor, free and harmless against and from all actions, claims, suits, proceedings, losses, damages, costs, liabilities, reasonable attorney's fees and other direct and reasonable expenses which Licensor may suffer, incur or pay by reason of or arising out of Licensee’s business or unauthorized use of the Licensed Materials. Licensee agrees to obtain and maintain during the term of this Agreement, at his or her own expense, product liability insurance and general business insurance from a recognized insurance company.

    6. Term.

    The term of this Agreement shall commence upon the date of execution of this Agreement and shall continue thereafter until January 31, 2018. If Licensee chooses not to renew his/her License or if this license is terminated, all rights granted by this Agreement shall terminate.

    7. Termination.

    If any of the terms of this Agreement are not honored by the Licensee, the Licensor shall have the right to terminate this Agreement and revoke the License upon fifteen (15) days’ notice in writing, and such notice of termination shall become effective, unless the Licensee completely remedies the violation during the 15-day notice period to the full satisfaction and in the sole discretion of the Licensor. The Licensor shall have sole discretion to waive or extend the cure period applicable to each instance of breach by a Licensee. In the event of termination, there will be no refund of License or tuition fees paid.

    8. Fees.

    A non-refundable annual fee of $500 is due for this agreement to be valid. This agreement will be null and void if no fee is received within one month of the date of first execution date, or in subsequent years, within one month of the annual renewal date.

    9. Applicable Law.

    This Agreement and all its terms and conditions shall be governed exclusively by and interpreted under the statutory, decisional, administrative and other laws of California and all disputes and litigation regarding this Agreement, its construction and matters connected with its performance be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts in the Central District of California (the “Court”), and (b) to submit any disputes, matters of interpretation, or enforcement actions arising with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement exclusively to the Court. The parties hereby waive any challenge to the jurisdiction or venue of the Court over these matters.

    10. Entire Agreement.

    This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding between the parties, and all other prior understandings are canceled. The parties agree to be bound by this electronic contract.

    11. Amendments.

    No changes in the terms of this Agreement shall be valid except when and if reduced to writing and signed by a legally authorized representative of Licensor.

    12. No Joint Venture.

    Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to place the parties in the relationship of partners or joint venturers. Neither party shall have the power to obligate or bind the other party in any manner whatsoever.

    13. Notices.

    Any notice under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be mailed by certified mail.

    Licensee Signature

Highest Level of Certification *
License Period: [enter today's date] to January 31, 2018 *
License Period: [enter today's date] to January 31, 2018


2017 Lightyear Licensee Agreement

Exhibit A

Conrad Group, Inc.’s Licensed Marks include the following: (Additional Licensed Marks may be added at the sole option of Licensor)

1. Do not use the Licensed Marks as part of your company name, your domain name or in any social media handles.

Examples: You are prohibited from using a company names like "Lightyear Phoenix, Inc.", or a domain name like www.LightYearPhoenix.com, or from calling your instagram handle a name like “@LightYearPhoenix”

2. Always use Lightyear approved artwork when using logos.

The logos and icons that are part of the Licensed Marks are single, standalone pieces of artwork, protected under trademark and copyright law. When reproducing the logos, use only the master artwork provided or approved by Conrad Group, Inc. Do not alter or distort the appearance of the logos in any way, and always maintain legibility.

3. Always include a content attribution statement.

All presentations of any work that uses or is based upon the Licensed Materials, along with all marketing collateral, advertisements, web pages, manuals and any other materials used in connection with a Licensor’s right to deliver Lightyear programs, must prominently display the following statement in all materials distributed for such presentation:

“These materials have been created based on licensed Lightyear Leadership materials, Copyright of Conrad Group, Inc. © 2013-7.”


“Licensed Lightyear Leadership material, copyright of Conrad Group, Inc.© 2013-7”

When referring to your licensed status in biographical descriptions state:
“Your name” is a Lightyear Licensee or “Your name”, a Lightyear Licensee

When possible and appropriate, the Lightyear logo should also be included where attribution applies and when sharing electronically, provide a link to Lightyear